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"The best decision of my life. Found a job in 30 days!"
Stefano Silvestrini 🇮🇹

I was first a project manager, but unsatisfied with my job, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn programming.

After graduating from Haiku Academy, I fell in love with the bootcamp so much that I joined them to work as a teacher assistant. I learned so much during that time!

When I came back to Italy I found an amazing job as ReactJS Developer in less than 30 days. It really changed my life.


"A state-of-the-art bootcamp!"
Nikola Van Der Made 🇩🇪

From hedging operator to Web Developer at Der Spiegel, the largest news website in Germany.

I was first promoted at my current job into the technical department while I was attending the bootcamp, thanks to all the new skills I was acquiring week after week. And BEFORE the course ended, I had already several amazing job offers coming into my email inbox!

I'm very grateful that I could attend Haiku Academy. The course was challenging yet extremely valuable and rewarding. The teachers make you work hard, and that's how you learn.

Furthermore I had a blast in one of my favorite coutries: Thailand! Coding by the beach, while sipping coconut, that's priceless.


"I'm in love with this bootcamp!"
Mae Palioudis 🇹🇭

I started my career as a graphic designer and as I moved to the web, I faced an overwhelming amount of technical challenges. I tried to learn by myself, following some tutorials, but it was impossible. The information is too scattered, there are too many technologies to choose from and I didn't know where to begin.

I joined the program not even knowing how to write a simple function and now I work as a freelance web designer and developer for big brands all over Europe.

I would've never imagined that I could learn so much in such a short time, but thanks to this bootcamp's method of teaching, their material and their support, here I am. I love Haiku Academy ❤️


"Amazing experience, it was a blast"
Vinzenz Johow 🇩🇪

As an e-commerce owner and designer, I always struggled to communicate with my developers on technical topics.

Now, not only I understand exactly what other developers are talking about and the issues that they face, but I'm also able to write code myself and build creative solutions, being an active collaborator and not just a spectator.

Additionally, the bootcamp inspired me to pursue a more technical path and build businesses that embrace technology.

Thank you so much for this experience, Haiku Academy blew my mind!


"One of the best learning experiences of my life!"
Ken Sabet 🇨🇦

Before joining Haiku Academy, I had some programming experience, therefore I wanted a top notch program that would take me to the next level. So I did an extensive research.

The content of the program, designed by the director of the bootcamp, who is a highly expereinced developer (20 years of coding), is comprehensive, professional and well presented. The teachers' ability to impart information in a clear and logical way is second to none.

Whether you have no previous experience or you are a senior developer, you will find the program is intense enough to be challenging and yet presented in a very simple and easy to follow way!

Haiku Academy is more than just a bootcamp. It is a family, my newest family.

I strongly recommend Haiku Academy whether you want to start as a junior developer or you’re a senior developer looking to switch to a full stack environment.