What an incredible journey it has been! Since 2019, we've guided hundreds of students who have blossomed into skilled programmers, and along the way, we've celebrated remarkable success stories. Some of our graduates have secured positions at prestigious FAANG companies, while others have embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys.

The tech landscape has transformed dramatically since we first opened our doors five years ago. With tech companies tightening budgets and the rapid advancement of AI, the barrier to entry is now very high and it has unfortunately become increasingly challenging to train junior developers in a short period of time, get them to a job-ready level and allow them to break into the job market using the bootcamp model. A different approach is needed.

Therefore, after five enriching years, Haiku Academy is closing its bootcamp. Haiku Academy will remain open to the community, to serve as a platform for meeting, exchanging knowledge, and supporting one another.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone—students, mentors, and supporters—for believing in us, for being part of this family, and for the wonderful memories we've created together ❤️ Big love.

Learn to Code in Paradise®

Web Development Course in Thailand 🏝

5 Stars
"It's a dream come true. Thank you Haiku Academy!"
Jonathan Lutz 🇺🇸
Front-End developer at Amazon

Learn with Professionals

👋 👾

You'll be writing thousands of lines of code, guided by our teachers, while buildiing projects in small groups to sharpen your skills.

Our mentors will be there with you in the classroom, every step of the way, to make sure you solve problems fast and don't waste any time.

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5 Stars
"A state-of-the-art bootcamp!"
Nikola Van Der Made 🇩🇪
Full-Stack developer at Der Spiegel

You're in Paradise

😎 ☀️ 🏝

Relax while you study on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, where the sun shines and the beach is a stone-throw away.

Such a magical environment, will spark your creativity and put you in a state of flow, so you can fully focus on learning, without distractions.

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5 Stars
"The best decision of my life. Found a job in 30 days!"
Stefano Silvestrini 🇮🇹
Front-end developer at ALTEN Italia

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"Amazing experience, it was a blast!"
Vinzenz Johow 🇩🇪
5 Stars

As an e-commerce owner and designer, I always struggled to communicate with my developers on technical topics. Now, not only I understand exactly how to brief them but I'm able to write code myself and build creative solutions. This course blew my mind!

"A state-of-the-art course!"
Nikola Van Der Made 🇩🇪
5 Stars

From hedging operator to Web Developer at Der Spiegel, the largest news website in Germany. I found a job BEFORE the course ended! I'm very grateful that I could attend this course. It was challenging yet extremely valuable and I had a blast in Paradise!

"I recommend Haiku Academy to my friends, it is the fastest way to learn!"
Thais Fink de Oliveira 🇧🇷
5 Stars

I came with no knowledge in coding and left feeling ready to start a new career. I already have some job offers! Even thought the course is intense, I still had time to relax and have fun in Koh Phangan!

"The best decision of my life. Found a job in 30 days!"
Stefano Silvestrini 🇮🇹
5 Stars

I was first a project manager, but unsatisfied with my job. After graduating from Haiku Academy, I fell in love with the course and I joined them to work as a teacher assistant. I learned so much! When I came back to Italy I found an amazing job as ReactJS Developer in less than 30 days. It really changed my life.

"I'm in love with this bootcamp!"
Mae Palioudis 🇹🇭
5 Stars

I started my career as a graphic designer and as I moved to the web, I faced an overwhelming amount of technical challenges. I tried to learn by myself following some tutorials, but it felt impossible. Thanks to Haiku Academy, I now work as a freelance front-end developer all over Europe for big brands ❤️

"The teacher is excellent, he has a lot to give and he really pushes you"
Gabriel Rollano 🇺🇸
5 Stars

"The best part of learning on site, is meeting people from all over the world. I had fund and really enjoyed the community, developed friendships that will last beyond the course, while pursuing my goal of learning to code."

"This is Paradise, I want to stay here forever!"
Riccardo Ferrara 🇮🇹
5 Stars

Although I have experiance with programming, I learned more than I thought I would, while on a paradise island. The team was so cool, we were having so much fun. Perfect context to grow in the dev world, surrounded by digital nomads!

"I will send my son to take this course"
Miriam Antonio 🇲🇽
5 Stars

"I loved spending time in Koh Phangan, the weather, the beaches, the people. It's really important to learn to code today, and I' happy that I chose Haiku Academy. In a few years I will send my oldest son to take the course as well."