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Tony Russo

Tony Russo, director of Haiku Academy is the lead teacher and head of program.

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Tony started designing and programming video games in the year 2000, at the age of 13. After a degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Web Design, he proceeded to work as a programmer in several tech and media companies, mainly in London and Dubai, among them the distinguished media agency Leo Burnett, where he won several awards for his work.

In 2012 Tony entered the startup world, working at the venture capital firm Forward Partners, where he educated dozens of founders in the successful creation and launch of tech products. He then co-founded 3 startup companies, he sold his last one, Polydone, to Deloitte before moving to Thailand and founding Haiku Academy in 2019.


All our mentors and Teaching Assistants are Haiku Academy alumni, they've been specially selected among the top students of their batch and know the program by heart. You're in good hands.

Occasionally, we invite guest speakers from the tech industry to share their knowledge and experience with our students.


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