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Learn to code, build web apps, and find a job.

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Who is this course for?

If you'd like to get into coding, change your career and become a professional developer, this course is for you.

At Haiku Academy, you'll learn the most requested programming languages and tools by employers today, such as JavaScript, React, Git and SQL. But also best practice, algorithms, and how to collaborate with other developers.

You'll work on 3 real-life projects, build a portfolio, and we'll help you prepare your CV and pass technical interviews.

If you have an idea for a product or a startup instead, please see our Program for Entrepreneurs.


No prior experience in programming is required to attend this course. We do expect you to be familiar with computers and the Internet, and to have a good level of English.

You must be focused, ready to challenge yourself, and dive into coding 8 hours / day.

For more information about tools and other requirements, please read our FAQ

What you'll learn


  • HTML 5
    Foundations of the Web and web pages, semantically-structured elements, links, best practice and the basics of SEO
  • CSS 3 & Libraries
    Style web pages for desktop and mobile, responsive layouts, accessibility, use modern techniques such as Grid, and implement third-party UI libraries such as Bootstrap or Tailwind
  • JavaScript Basics
    Using the most popular programming language, learn data types, functions, logic, loops, recursion, closures, as well as the tools and how to read and fix bugs
  • Advanced JavaScript
    Learn Object Oriented Programming, working with built-in libraries as well as external ones, solve complex algorhitms, async/await, and improve your code performance
  • DOM Manipulation
    Make web pages interactive, transform data, and add logic to static documents
  • ReacJS
    Learn and use React: the most popular tech to build web pages and web apps
    Use APIs to get resources and data


  • NodeJS, NPM, Express
    Build servers, learn I/O, install and manage packages,
    Build REST APIs from scratch
  • Authentication & Security
    Understand security, tokens, and roles, create login systems to assign permissions


  • MongoDB
    Learn different Data Structures, pros and cons of Data Modeling, MongoDB, and how to integrate a databases into your projects
  • SQL
    MySQL, the SQL query language, MongoDB vs SQL


  • Git
    Learn version control, how to collaborate on code within a team, and contribute to open-source projects via GitHub (our sponsor).
  • Deploy
    Push your projects live and make them accessible to the world, environment configuration, CI/CD, and the basics of Dev Ops
  • TDD
    Become a better code by implementing Test-Drive Development into projects

Projects & CV

    During 10 weeks, we'll cover all the most modern technologies required to build functional full-stack web apps and websites from scratch.

    You'll learn JavaScript: the most popular programming language that you'll use to build apps, databases with MongoDB, building and running servers with NodeJS, creating and styling user interfaces with HTML5 and CSS3. Most importantly, you'll learn how to put them all together and choose the right technology for different types of projects.

    You'll also build a personal project in a team of 2 and learn how to manage technical projects with GitHub.


    3 Weeks Online Pre-Course

    The first 3 weeks are online, we'll go through the basics of programming, we'll install software, and you'll get familiar with new tools on your computer as well as Haiku Academy's portal, where you'll find content and exercises.

    During the Pre-Course, you'll have access to your teachers and the other students via web chat.

    7 Weeks On-Site Bootcamp

    Now it's time to make your way to our bootcamp, and spend 7 weeks in-person on a tropical island 🏝 meeting the other students and learning with your dedicated teacher and mentors.

    Lectures take place from 9am to 11am, from Monday to Friday. From 11am to 5pm you'll work on exercises and group projects with other students and with the help of our mentors.

    After the Bootcamp

    After completing the bootcamp and receiving your certificate, our mentors are available to guide you and support you in your journey to apply for and find a job.

    Skills & Tools

    • Structuring Web Interfaces with HTML5
    • Styling Web Interfaces with CSS3
    • Web Programming with JavaScript
    • Working with UI Frameworks, such as Bootstrap
    • Servers and the MVC structure
    • Security and Back-End Development
    • Working with APIs
    • Project Management with Git and GitHub
    • Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Download the Syllabus

    10 Weeks


    USD 3,700

    Financing Options available

    5 Stars
    "It's a dream come true. Thank you Haiku Academy!"
    Jonathan Lutz πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    Front-End developer at Amazon


    At the end of this course, you'll be able to do the following:

    • Build a website
    • Build a web app, like Airbnb
    • Write scripts to automate tasks
    • Communicate with other developers in technical terms
    • Understand the structure of web projects
    • Understand the different roles in web development
    • Be ready for a career in programming or start your startup company
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